• Female MMA fighter attacks man who allegedly exposed himself to her on the beach

    Joyce Vieira says she was posing for a photo shoot when a man walked past with his shorts down.

  • Controversial 'Game of Thrones' sex scene gives away a key detail about Arya Stark

    We're two Game of Thrones episodes in, and the story has further advanced towards the event we've all been waiting for. I'm not going to spoil what just happened on HBO's biggest show, or what's about to go down next week, but I will discuss two things from last night's episode, both concerning a certain girl. The following spoilers won't ruin your Game of Thrones experience, although one of them deals directly with an older Game of Thrones fan theory. How old is Arya?Arya finally got some, so to speak, during the second episode, as she hooked up with Gendry in a slightly cringy scene. Unsurprisingly, the internet exploded, as fans were shocked to discover these two characters having sex, especially Arya.But the internet should remember that Arya is about 18 years old in season 8. Gendry, meanwhile, is 23. In real life, Maise Williams is 22, while Joe Dempsie is 31. William talked to Entertainment Weekly about Arya's scene with Gendry, revealing how she learned about that scene and what was required of her: [Showrunners David Benioff and Dan Weiss] were like: 'You can show as much or as little as you want.' So I kept myself pretty private. I don't think it's important for Arya to flash. This beat isn't really about that. And everybody else has already done it on the show, so…If you're still in shock, maybe you should remember that when Danaerys and Khal Drogo got together in season one, the character was 16 years old, actually three years older than in the book. And Drogo wasn't exactly a tender lover initially. And let's not forget that Sansa was quite young when she was married off.Arya may have joined Game of Thrones when she was young, but she's now a grown woman in real life, playing a teenage serial killer who's experienced quite a lot for someone her age. She was bound to want to experience love and sex as well, and she's doing it on her own accord, and on her own terms.The audience should grow with Arya in that regard.* * * The Waif theoryHowever, the most interesting detail coming out from this sex scene, aside from Gendry telling Arya who he is and teasing that he has a claim to the Iron Throne, is Arya's marks.The huge scars are proof to Gendry that she can fight and kill, and she's ready to deal with life-threatening events and survive. To the audience, they're a reminder of her past. The scars seem to be somewhat in line with Arya's wounds from season 6, when the Waif attempted to kill her:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uQYoBvtEPWYArya somehow managed to save herself, survive those injuries, and ultimately kill the Waif:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J6l9oS16S1IThat scene inspired a fan theory that said the Waif had actually taken Arya's face after killing the young Stark girl. By having the Waif posing as a Stark, the Faceless Men would have a potentially useful weapon on their hands. That theory seems to have been debunked once and for all last night.The scars might not match Arya's wounds perfectly, and that could be true, because we never got to see her injuries in the first place. We do know the Waif attacked her from the right side, although Arya was wearing plenty of clothes at the time. It's unclear, however, how much the Waif cut towards the right and under Arya's rib cage. Here's a reminder of Arya's recovery process:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6X8uQfG_Zb0On the other hand, the fact that Arya got intimate with someone for the first time might also be an indication that nobody is wearing her face. I mean, would a face still stay on while you get that close to someone?

  • Meghan McCain Blows Up Over Mueller Report; Whoopi Goldberg Cuts Her Off

    The ViewReturning from a week-long break, The View began Monday’s broadcast reacting to the recently released Mueller report. Naturally, that segment ended with Whoopi Goldberg cutting off conservative co-host Meghan McCain during a tirade claiming Democrats are going to get President Trump re-elected by “demonizing” all Republicans.In response to Sen. Mitt Romney’s (R-UT) highly critical statement of Trump following the report-which found Trump repeatedly tried to obstruct the Russia probe-co-host Sunny Hostin said the Utah senator would still likely not vote for impeachment if it reached the Senate. Romney and other Republicans, he said, will ultimately refuse to hold Trump accountable.Former Fox News host Abby Huntsman jumped in to debate both Hostin and co-host Joy Behar, noting that Trump’s base feels like he “got a big win” from the report because the media set an expectation that “he was going to be booted out.” Behar and Hostin, meanwhile, pointed out that Trump’s overall approval rating went down to 37 percent-and that’s where McCain jumped in for her take.“Then what's the problem?” McCain asked. “So he’s the worst president in history. According to our legal analyst, there's so much in this report that is damning and whatever. Then what’s the problem? Why is everyone so nervous about 2020? If this is the nail in the coffin...”Behar snapped back that she is “afraid the Russians will steal the election again,” which prompted McCain to call her “irrational.”“What’s the rational answer?!” Behar, McCain’s regular sparring partner, exclaimed.“Unfortunately for Democrats, you got to get out there and win over the voters you lost in the middle of the country,” McCain replied with one of her most recurring talking points. When one woman in the audience applauded, McCain turned and thanked her.“I always took Trump seriously,” she continued. “You can go back and check the receipts when I worked at Fox and on my radio show. I always took Trump seriously. This mess that we all got ourselves into, I blame the left as much as the right, and the demonizing of all conservatives in this country, all Trump supporters in every way. You’re getting him re-elected.”When Hostin pressed once more, “But what about his behavior?” McCain replied, “It came out that there was nothing that collude-that he didn’t collude.” (The report actually doesn’t make a determination on “collusion, which has no legal definition.)As McCain continued to shout, she then invoked her late father, Sen. John McCain (R-AZ). “I accepted the Magnitsky Award in London on behalf of my father,” she exclaimed. “I’m someone who has been speaking out against Russia, by the way-let me finish!”As she continued to shout at her colleagues, Goldberg calmly mouthed to the camera that the segment had to wrap. McCain, meanwhile, continued to rant.Read more at The Daily Beast.Got a tip? Send it to The Daily Beast here

  • Former teacher shares powerful resignation letter: 'I won't be in an abusive relationship with public education'

    "I cannot set myself on fire to keep someone else warm," Sariah McCall wrote in her resignation letter.