• Miranda Lambert Opens Up About Divorce From Blake Shelton For First Time in Cosmopolitan

    Miranda Lambert is finally getting candid about her divorce.

  • Fox News asked a Chicago protester about black-on-black crime. His response was perfect.

    The common defense to criticisms of racial disparities in police use of force takes the form of a question: "But what about black-on-black crime?" The conservative argument is that black people are disproportionately killed by gun violence in their own communities, so perhaps they should worry about that before they worry about what police are doing. On Tuesday night, Fox News's Mike Tobin put the black-on-black crime question to a protester in Chicago, Brendan Glover, after the release of a video showing the police shooting of Laquan McDonald. Mike Tobin: Essentially the question he's getting to is why is there not outrage when there's black on black violence.

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  • ESPN is losing subscribers by the millions

    Disney, the parent company of ESPN, warned that the sports network may keep losing subscribers...

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  • Hour after husband dies of cardiac arrest, woman jumps to death

    An hour after her husband died due to a cardiac arrest, a 36-year-old woman committed suicide by jumping from the eighth floor of her Noida flat Tuesday. According to Noida police and residents of Prateek Laurel in Sector 119 — where the couple lived — Anurag Aggarwal (39) was rushed to Fortis Hospital following complaints of chest pain Tuesday afternoon. “He died in the hospital after a cardiac arrest at 2 pm. His wife, Monica Aggarwal (36) jumped from the balcony at around 3 pm. She was rushed to a hospital where she was declared brought dead.

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  • Rams WR Bailey has surgery after being shot in Florida

    ST. LOUIS (AP) — Many St. Louis Rams players woke to the news that Stedman Bailey had been shot in the head.

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  • Dad Speaks Out After 'Skittles Party' Leads to Son's Death

    “Skittles parties” may sound innocent, but they are far from it: They’re an alarming trend in which teens raid their parents’ medicine cabinets and dump the prescription and over-the-counter drugs they’ve gathered into a communal bowl. The teens then take handfuls of a random assortment of pills, often with alcohol, to get high. Several teens have overdosed after playing Russian roulette with pills at these parties, which are also known as “pharming parties.” Last month, five high school students in Marin County, California, overdosed after an apparent “Skittles party” and were taken to the hospital. He died from a drug overdose after a “Skittles party” in 2013, just days before he was supposed to head off to college.

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  • Jimmy Butler would like Mason Plumlee to pay his fine after Tuesday tussle

    Butler's technical fine is a mere $2,500, but that didn't stop him from calling out Plumlee.

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  • Michelle Obama’s a Green Gladiator in a Michael Kors Dress (28 photos)

    Being the first lady comes with a lot of responsibility. And while being a trendsetter certainly pales in comparison to the weight of attempting to curb the childhood obesity problem in the United States or getting kids moving, dressing fashionably is part of the job. A few years into her husband’s presidency, Michelle Obama has already set herself apart from her predecessors, bringing a modern edge — and even J. Crew — to the White House. She’s also a political dresser, conscientiously picking labels to fit with occasions, from wearing a custom Vera Wang gown for a state dinner hosting Chinese President Xi Jinping and Tadashi Shoji when Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and his wife Akie Abe came to Washington to Missoni in Italy and Preen in England.  Follow us on Facebook , Instagram , and Pinterest for nonstop inspiration delivered fresh to your feed, every day.

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  • The best Black Friday deals you can get in stores and on the web

    If you're crazy enough to venture out to the stores on Black Friday, we've listed out some great deals that Ben's Bargains has hunted down for us. Don't forget you can get great deals online, so you don't have to shiver in the cold while waiting for the door buster sales.

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  • Missing girl lived in Internet cafes, made money playing Crossfire

    When Chinese police forces ran the ID of a 24 year old woman going by the name Xiao Yun, they had no idea the stone they were overturning. The ID turned out to be fake, and though she claimed to have been raised by her grandparents, it transpired that Yun had run away from home at 14 and spent the past 10 years living in Internet cafes and bath houses, much of it playing the free FPS Crossfire . Although not a well known title in Western markets, Crossfire is actually the world’s most popular FPS, easily eclipsing the likes of Counter-Strike  and various Call of Duty games. The publisher of Crossfire , Smilegate, claims to have over 400 million registered players, earning it more than $1.4 billion in 2014. It’s one of the most popular games in China, and because of that, Xiao Yun’s dedication to it quickly garnered her attention from fellow internet cafe gamers. She told police that she made much of her money from teaching others how to win, coaching them to become better players. She also sometimes relied on donations and did some cashier work at those same outlets. Related : Adoptee discovers his own picture on a site for missing children Having been missing since 2005 though, Yun’s parents thought she was dead, even having her name removed from their home’s registry. However, there was an inkling that Yun may have been still around, as a couple of years ago, someone claiming to be her messaged her mother on WeChat, a popular messaging application in China. Her mother claimed to have left her mobile number the same throughout the years in the hope that her daughter would find her. While she did, the daughter refused to reunite with her family, leaving her family skeptical that the person who’d contacted them was in fact the long-lost daughter. Though Xiao Yun initially refused to meet with her parents even after police uncovered her identity, she eventually agreed to do so. Since the girl originally ran away after an argument with her parents, the mother has now pledged to be a little more lenient. Her only punishment was a 1000 Yuan fine from the police for using a fake ID. Also watch: Asus ROG GX700 Hands On Please enable Javascript to watch this video

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  • US 'concerns' over Russian missile system

    Russia's decision to deploy its most hi-tech air defense system to its base in Syria is raising "significant concerns" for the US military, a US official said Wednesday. Moscow says it is sending S-400 anti-aircraft missiles to Latakia in northwestern Syria, in a move that comes after Turkey shot down a Russian fighter jet in the increasingly crowded air space along the border on Tuesday. The S-400 missiles have a range of about 400 kilometers (250 miles) -- meaning they could reach deep into Turkey or pose a potential threat to US-led coalition planes -- adding yet another dangerous element to an already volatile mix of competing military interests in Syria.

  • Richard Dawkins Compares 'Clock Boy' Ahmed Mohamed to ISIS Child Executioner

    ... says the outspoken advocate of rational argument.

  • Matt Lauer’s Offensive Question to Adele

    Adele sat down with Matt Lauer on Today Wednesday to chat before performing. Lauer made sure to ask her the same dumb question so many successful women are - will you be able to handle having a job AND being a mom?

  • Cavaliers wait for tipoff as Raptors dancers perform around them at center court

    The Cleveland Cavaliers were apparently very anxious to start their game in Toronto on Wednesday. So much so they took the court early. A little too early.

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  • When you can expect your Samsung phone to get Android 6.0 Marhsmallow

    It would be nice if all Android phones could upgrade to Android 6.0 Marshmallow as soon as new software is released but we know that’s pretty much impossible. However, PhoneArena has posted a really handy guide letting us know when we can expect some top Android phones to get Marshmallow in the near future and it has some very specific intel on Samsung’s popular flagship Galaxy devices. MUST WATCH: Once you see these 10 movie mistakes, you’ll never be able to unsee them Here, according to PhoneArena, is when you can expect your Samsung phone to get Marshmallow: Galaxy Note 5 (December 2015) Galaxy S6 edge+ (January 2016) Galaxy S6 (January 2016) Galaxy S6 edge (January 2016) Galaxy Note 4 (February 2016) Galaxy

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  • 7 States Where Americans Are Moving

    For most of the 20th century, many Americans moved from the rural South to the urban Northeast and Midwest. More recently, Americans have migrated heavily to states in the Sun Belt, such as Florida, Texas, ...

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  • 27 Christmas Cakes Decorated In The Most Incredibly Creative Ways (28 photos)

    Planning on making your own cake this Christmas or just like feasting your eyes on anything delectable? From towering creations to traditional ones, get ready to be bowled over by these festive bakes… 23 Obscenely Beautiful Winter Wedding Cakes 11 Cakes That Aren’t What They Seem At First

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  • Cancellation Jitters: 8 Shows in Danger

    Looking for a juicy Thanksgiving dinner conversation-starter? Tell everyone their favorite show is about to get cancelled. Or, rather, might be cancelled. Now that the fall TV season has come to a close, it’s time to take stock of the casualties and determine which broadcast shows are entering 2016 with targets on their backs. And in the spirit […]

  • Karl Rove on Jeb Bush’s Struggles, Stopping Donald Trump

    Karl Rove, former senior adviser to President George W. Bush, discusses the race for the 2016 Republican nomination on “With All Due Respect.”

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  • Michael Jenkins talks Johnny Manziel's latest party tape

    Cleveland Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel found himself in hot water yet again as a video surfaced of him partying during the team's bye week. With all that's happened with him recently, should the Browns continue to give him another chance? Our Michael Jenkins gives his take on the situaiton.

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