• Cissy Houston Says Bobbi Kristina Remains Unresponsive and Her Brain Damage Is "Irreversible"

    Bobbi Kristina Brown's grandmother Cissy Houston says she remains unresponsive and her brain damage is "irreversible" — more here

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  • Super Fit Model Sarah Stage Shows Off Abs Just Days After Giving Birth

    How?! You could barely tell model Sarah Stage was pregnant before, and now that the baby has come, the evidence is basically gone. NEWS: Super Fit Model Sarah Stage Welcomes Baby Boy The new mama posted this picture on Instagram just days after giving birth, captioned, "4 days post baby. Total pregnancy weight gain was 28 pounds. I'm excited to resume my workouts in 5 weeks!! #JamesHunter #HealthyBaby #GrannyPanties" The 30-year-old welcomed her baby boy James Hunter on April 15, at 8 lbs. 7 oz. and 22 inches long. Her rep told ET that the two are doing well. PHOTOS: Model Sarah Stage Stays So Fit You Can Barely Tell She's 8 1/2 Months Pregnant Every pregnancy is different, but Sarah has gained a lot of attention during her well-documented pregnancy for how little she was showing. Here she is at eight months. 8-1/2 months. And finally, just 10 days before the baby was due. That's pretty unusual! But all that really matters is that mama and baby are healthy and happy. WATCH: Hollywood Moms React to Super-Fit Pregnant Model Sarah Stage

  • Two will transfer out of BYU

    BYU is losing two reserve players to transfer.

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  • Spokesman: Alabama woman left to join Islamic State group

    BIRMINGHAM, Alabama (AP) — A spokesman for a Muslim couple in Alabama on Monday said their 20-year-old daughter fled a Birmingham suburb to join Islamic State extremists in Syria after being recruited via the Internet.

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  • Matt Leinart reloads in Manhattan Beach

    Matt Leinart is on the move in the South Bay.

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  • Four tons of elephant tusks seized by customs officials in Thailand (8 photos)

    Thailand seized 4 tons of ivory hidden in bean sacks tracked from Congo in what authorities said was the biggest bust in the country's history, customs officials said Monday. The 739 elephant tusks, bound for Laos, were seized upon arrival at a port in Bangkok on Saturday after the authorities received a tip-off and had tracked the containers from Congo, the Customs Department's director-general Somchai Sujjapongse told reporters. He said that the shipment, labeled as beans, was shipped out of Congo in February and went through Malaysia before reaching the Bangkok port. "We have been following the (shipment) for two months. Intelligence reports said ivory from Africa might be smuggled with other products to go through the Laotian border," Somchai said. Thailand is one of the top destinations for African ivory smuggling in Asia and could face international sanctions soon if it doesn't show progress in combatting the problem. Somchai said authorities believe that had the ivory worth $6 million had reached Laos, it would then have been distributed to buyers in China, Vietnam and Thailand. Poachers have killed tens of thousands of African elephants for their tusks in recent years to meet demand for ivory in Asia. China has imposed a one-year ban on ivory imports amid criticism that its citizens' huge appetite for ivory threatens the existence of Africa's elephants. (AP) Find more news-related pictures in our photo galleries and follow us on Tumblr.

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  • Charlize Theron Doesn't Want Women To Be Afraid Of Aging

    The pressure society puts on women is not lost on Charlize Theron. The 39-year-old star appears on the latest cover of W magazine and opens up about why choosing to be a mom in her 30s has given her a new perspective on getting older. “I think, like many women, I was judgmental toward women as they aged," she said. "Women, in our society, are...

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  • NBC Waiting for Brian Williams Apology as Firing Remains Possible

    Public apology one of several conditions before NBC would 'let him back on the air.'

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  • After Mom’s Facebook Plea, Hundreds Show Up to Bullied Girl’s Birthday Party

    It’s the stuff of childhood nightmares: You’re so unpopular at school that no one wants to come to your birthday party. Indeed, after Moretter discovered that her daughter’s 10th birthday party invitation received no RSVPs, she took to Facebook to ask other moms in the suburban Minneapolis community to stop by with their daughters. I’m writing because I have a beautiful daughter named Mackenzie who is turning 10. Because of the disorder, which Mackenzie was diagnosed with when she was one, the little girl’s skull didn’t form completely, and she has some brain damage.

  • Watch: Samsung thinks these 3 features make the Galaxy S6 the ‘smartphone of your dreams’

    Samsung has a lot to be proud of with the Galaxy S6 and a new video from the company highlights three key Galaxy S6 features it believes will make it stand apart from the competition. DON’T MISS: Google just unveiled a hugely ambitious Android Wear update – here are the 3 coolest features So what makes the Galaxy S6 so dreamy? Samsung starts off by crowing about how quickly the device charges thanks to its new fast charging technology that it compares to a “glorious free-flowing straw of love.” Next, Samsung highlights the S6’s wireless charging capabilities, which really are a first for major flagship smartphones. The beauty of wireless charging, of course, is that you don’t have to plug your

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  • 170-Year-Old Champagne Recovered from the Bottom of the Sea

    Every wine connoisseur knows the value of an aged wine, but few get the opportunity to sample 170-year-old Champagne from the bottom of the sea. A chemical analysis of the ancient libation has revealed a great deal about how this 19th-century wine was produced. "After 170 years of deep-sea aging in close-to-perfect conditions, these sleeping Champagne bottles awoke to tell us a chapter of the story of winemaking," the researchers wrote in the study, published today (April 20) in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. In the study, led by Philippe Jeandet, a professor of food biochemistry at the University of Reims, Champagne-Ardenne in France, researchers analyzed the chemical composition of the wine from the shipwreck and compared it to that of modern Champagne.

  • Judge dismisses case against Chicago cop Dante Servin; Courtroom explodes

    Charges were dismissed against Chicago Police Officer Dante Servin in the 2012 shooting death of Rekia Boyd, 22.

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  • Ultra-Exotic Parking Problems: Veyron On LaFerrari Crime

    Not so surprisingly, seeing as this is the Four Seasons George V after all, another ultra-exotic machine ambles up and it gets a spot right in front of your beautiful Ferrari. The owner of the Bugatti Veyron, with the one-off porcelain paintwork signifying it as a L'Or Blanc, also seems ready to go.

  • Report: 2 teams needed to make California stadium profitable

    A financial analysis projects that a proposed $1.7 billion NFL stadium near Los Angeles would need two teams to call it home to be a steady money-maker for the city where it would be constructed. The San Diego Chargers and Oakland Raiders are planning the shared stadium on the site of a former landfill in Carson, on the edge of Los Angeles, if both teams fail to get new stadiums in their current hometowns. According to documents released by the city of Carson on Monday, consultant AECOM estimated that with two teams installed, the city budget would see a net fiscal gain in each of 40 years. The report was released in advance of a Carson meeting Tuesday, during which the City Council could endorse the plan and schedule an election for voters to consider it.

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  • ESPN reporter complains that Tebow didn’t hand scoop to ESPN

    On Sunday, Jay Glazer of FOX Sports reported that Tim Tebow had agreed to terms with the Eagles. Tim Tebow separately is employed by ESPN.  Which makes the fact that Glazer scooped ESPN regarding an ESPN employee even more noteworthy. And that has been noticed by other ESPN employees. John Barr of ESPN griped on Twitter about…

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  • Who Is Saudi Arabia Really Targeting In Its Price War?

    The supposed oil price war between Saudi Arabia and U.S. shale may instead be aimed at hurting investment bankers who ruined oil supply and demand equilibrium

  • What do Americans really think about abortion? The answer may surprise you

    Abortion is one of the most polarizing issues in the United States today, but public opinion may not be as black and white as it seems. The poll’s findings unearth the nuances in public opinion often neglected when the media, politicians, and other opinion surveys frame the abortion debate as purely two-sided. The poll could also open up discussion about the issue in ways that – as Fordham University ethicist Charles Camosy put it – involves critical thinking, and takes into account the importance of precise language and constructive engagement when tackling such sensitive subjects as the life of an unborn child and a woman’s rights concerning her body. “We’ve framed our abortion debate all wrong.

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  • It’s a Miracle— Subaru Is Building a BRZ STI

    Rejoice, friends and enthusiasts everywhere. Subaru, in a plan to expand its STI range stateside, is finally building the BRZ STI sports car that everyone and their mother has been begging for. “The United States is at the highest priority for STI,” STI President Yoshio Hirakawa told Automotive News. “We’d like to create a car

  • China's knockoff Range Rover is back – and there's nothing Jaguar Land Rover can do about it

    Jaguar Land Rover is in the midst of a major sales push in China. In order to have enough cars to sell, the company is planning to construct a $1.8-billion factory to build the Range Rover Evoque crossover. Given that kind of commitment, the people at Jaguar Land Rover were not happy when a Chinese car company unveiled an Evoque facsimile, called the "Landwind X7," last year at the Guangzhou Auto Show. Not surprisingly, the controversial crossover has drawn the ire of Jaguar Land Rover.

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  • Steve Ballmer turned the Lakers' locker room into an 'owner's lounge'

    The Lakers locker room isn't getting much use these days after they failed to make the playoffs yet again. The Staples Center is still busy since the Clippers are alive in the postseason, however, so Steve Ballmer found a way to make use of the extra space.

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