• Here's What Peyton Manning Had to Say About Cam Newton's Quick Postgame Interview

    After a 24-10 loss to the Denver Broncos at Levi’s Stadium, Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton kept his post-game comments brief. On what led to the Carolina Panthers’ loss, Newton said, “It wasn’t nothing special that they did.

  • Woman Keeps McDonald’s Happy Meal Untouched For Six Years – And This Is The Shocking Result

    A mum claims to have conducted an experiment where she kept a McDonald’s Happy Meal for SIX years – just to see if it would decompose. 

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  • Michigan Man Convicted of Stomping Girl, 14, to Death After Trying to Kidnap and Sexually Assault Her as She Walked Her Dog

    On Monday, a Michigan jury found a 34-year-old man guilty of the 2014 murder, kidnapping and attempted sexual assault of 14-year-old April Millsap, PEOPLE confirms. James VanCallis will likely be punished to spend the rest of his life behind bars when he is sentenced on March 30, according to court officials. April's body was found along a hiking trail in Armada, Michigan, on July 24, 2014, and medical examiners were able to determine she died from blunt force trauma and neck compression.

  • Tim Cook's blurry Super Bowl photo stuns world

    Technically Incorrect: Apple's CEO tweets a photo of the Denver Broncos' celebrations, presumably taken with his iPhone. It wasn't a good photo.

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  • President Obama’s daughters hate how bad the White House’s Wi-Fi is

    It’s easy to imagine that the leader of the free world gets all the best things for free, but that’s just not the case. During a recent joint interview, President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle griped about how the White House Wi-Fi is so bad, some places get zero signal. In an interview with Gayle King during CBS’s Super Bowl pregame show, the Commander-in-Chief explained his efforts in getting “the whole tech thing” working for the next President and their family. “This is an old building, so there’s a lot of dead spots where the Wi-Fi doesn’t work,” President Obama said. Michelle chimed in by adding the couple’s daughters, Malia and Natasha Obama, are “irritated” by it. Related:  President Obama pledges $4 billion in Computer Science for All program This “tech thing” is more than a passing issue for Obama. In fact, it was one of the first indicators that presidency would be much different than he thought. During the Q&A portion of a 2011 fundraiser in Chicago, Obama said “I always thought I was going to have like real cool phones and stuff.” He quickly found out “when it comes to technology, we are like 30 years behind.” At the time, Obama claimed the issue was true “across the board,” including at the Department of Homeland security and the Pentagon. During the 2011 fundraiser, Obama attributes the federal government’s “horrible” information technology (IT) and purchasing as the reason. According to an October 2015 memo from the White House Office of Management and Budget (OMB), the White House racks up more than $50 billion in tech expenditures through tens of thousands of contracts. In the memo, the OMB directs federal agencies on, among other points, limiting the number of contracts to “best-in-class” companies. Those Macbooks may be coming in no time. The First Family is working to make sure the next family to reside in the White House does not have to deal with the same frustrations the have. According to a January 2009 Washington Post profile of Obama’s first days in office, the White House had very few laptops, computers running “six-year-old versions of Microsoft software,” and security measures that prevented staffers from using outside email accounts. Time for a standard four-year upgrade of the tech sort. Also watch: Watch President Obama get his face scanned for science Please enable Javascript to watch this video

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  • Steve Harvey Experiences the Worst ‘Family Feud’ Contestant of All Time

    Family Feud has seen a lot of ridiculous guesses in its run with Steve Harvey as host, but Sheila of the Patterson family has to be the worst guesser in the entire history of the show. The category was other ways to say “mother.” Sheila’s teammate Cecilia guessed “nana” which wasn’t on the board. So Sheila guessed … “nana.” As the crowd started to applaud, Harvey shouted, “Stop clapping. What, is you trying to say it in Spanish or something?” “Madre,” the Spanish word for “mother,” would’ve been better than “nana” because, again, “nana” had already been guessed. ...

  • Maroon 5 Responds to Taraji P. Henson's Hilarious -- and Totally Incorrect -- Super Bowl Shout-Out

    The 'Empire' star mixed up the rock band with Coldplay, now they're tweeting her some love.

  • Tiny House Tour: Colorful, Eclectic Home in Texas (11 photos)

    By HGTV.com ; Photos By Molly Winters Photography More From HGTV.com : 31 Small Space Decorating Don’ts 5 Before-and-After Kitchen Makeovers Under $5,000 13 Common Storage Dilemmas, Solved

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  • iPhone Touch ID ‘Error 53’ issue may result in class-action lawsuits against Apple

    Touch ID functionality on the iPhone is incredibly powerful and convenient. Not only does it make the unlocking process much more efficient, it also powers Apple Pay which enables users to pay for goods and services using only a fingerprint. Because Touch ID plays such an integral role in the iOS user experience, Apple has naturally enacted a number of security measures around the feature. Unfortunately, those security measures can sometimes have unintended consequences, something that many iPhone 6 owners have reportedly started learning the hard way. According to a number of reports that began surfacing last week, iPhone 6 owners who had the Touch ID component of their iPhone repaired by third-party contractors are finding that their iPhones

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  • Cramer Remix: Stocks to buy amid the bloodbath

    "Mad Money" host Jim Cramer revealed what stocks can be bought into weakness in a tough market.

  • Was Einstein right? Ripples in space-time may have been found

    Are the rumors true? Whispers about a possible detection of actual ripples in space-time have been swirling for weeks, and on Thursday, the world may find out if one of Albert Einstein's boldest predictions is true. Einstein theorized that the collision of two massive objects like black holes would cause the fabric of space-time to warp.  SEE ALSO: New probe could help detect ripples from cosmic collisions, part of Einstein's theory of relativity Think of space-time as a sheet on a mattress. If two bowling balls swirled around one another on that sheet, it would cause the fabric to ripple. This is how space-time moves, in theory, when black holes merge. Those ripples move outward from the source, perturbing the space-time around various objects, including Earth. Theoretically, a sensitive enough instrument could detect that very slight perturbation, signaling that these gravitational waves exist.  So far, no one has yet detected these waves. But that may be about to change. Scientists working with the National Science Foundation and the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory experiment (LIGO) — designed to hunt for these elusive gravitational waves from Earth — have announced a press conference scheduled for Thursday in Washington D.C..  The announcement of the news conference doesn't give away anything about the possible detection — in fact, the statement is pretty mundane — but it still has the scientific community buzzing.  The LIGO hunts for space-time's ripples using two huge instruments located in Livingston, Louisiana and Hanford, Washington.  Each of the identical LIGO detectors is shaped like the letter "L" with a laser beam running down the length, splitting at the bend. The detectors, when used together, can measure minute changes in space-time by clocking the distance between the two arms of the observatory.  "Multiple interferometers are needed to confidently detect and locate the sources of gravitational waves (except continuous signals), since directional observations cannot be made with a single detector like LIGO, which is sensitive to large portions of the sky at once," LIGO wrote on its website. If a gravitational wave passes through and changes the length of the arms by a tiny fraction of the diameter of a single proton, it would be enough to characterize the wave, according to the observatory's website. LIGO was recently upgraded and completed a hunt for the ripples last month, so on Thursday, scientists and the public should get some sense of whether that new sensitivity was enough to find those hidden waves in space.

  • Sheriff Covered Up Mormon Child Marriage

    Former FLDS leader Warren Jeffs is in jail for taking two young girls as spiritual bridesand the sordid practice has continued after his arrest, according to local police.

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  • Climate Change Keeps Coming Up At GOP Campaign Stops -- And People Are Clapping

    MANCHESTER, N.H. -- When Dan Kipnis stood up and asked Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) about his plan to address climate change, he thought he might face some angry audience members who didn't like his question. He was shocked to instead find people clapping for him."I thought I'd get some boos or something like that," the 65-year-old retired fishing...

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  • 13 Mistakes Not to Make If You Ever Want to Sell Your Home (13 photos)

    If you plan to sell your home someday (and most people do), it’s important to always consider the long-term consequences of short-term design decisions. Remember, when it comes to resale value, timeless trumps trendy every time. So, before you install a state-of-the-art sports court, invest in a luxury hot tub, or convert your garage into extra living space, keep in mind the following complaints home buyers often express about certain home enhancements. | By Jill Lawrence-O'Hara, BobVila.com

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  • Bye-bye, USA: Record Number Give Up Citizenship for Third Year in a Row

    Why are so many breaking ties with the land of their birth?

  • Costco worker reveals one thing customers did that drove her crazy

    Costco shoppers beware — there’s one thing you may be doing that employees hate. Meghan DeMaria, a former Costco employee and current associate editor for Refinery29, published an article on the women’s website about her experiences working at the chain. Overall, DeMaria said she was surprised to find that she loved working at Costco.

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  • Does A Bargain Porsche 911 Exist? Yes, And It Has Two Turbos

    The 996-era Porsche 911 is currently wallowing at the bottom of its depreciation curve—which is wonderful from a car-buying perspective, because now you can get a 996 Turbo or GT3 for as cheap as they’ll ever be.

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  • The Story of Suicide Squad Harley Quinn Actress' Big Tattoo Mistake

    25-year-old actress has given 26 tattoos; one of them didn't go so well.

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  • Khloé Kardashian Shares Inspiring Message About 'Pain' and 'Sadness' After Sunday Stroll with Lamar Odom

    Khloé Kardashian is a fighter. "You may have had unfair things happen, but know that the depth of your pain is an indication of the height of your future," reads the quote that Khloé, 31, shared. One day, all of our trails and tribulations will add up and make perfect sense.