• What Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner's Famous Exes Said About Their Failed Romances

    Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner announced on Tuesday that they were divorcing after 10 years of marriage, but before they got together, they both had several high-profile relationships. While neither Affleck nor Garner have publicly addressed their breakup, over the years, their famous exes have. Affleck dated Gwyneth Paltrow from 1997 to 2000, co-starring with her in 2000's Bounce. In January, Paltrow explained why her romance with Affleck didn't work out. "He was not in a good place in his life to have a girlfriend," she told Howard Stern, admitting that her parents were "OK" with them not being together. Stern also asked her about a joke she had previously made about Affleck while they were dating, specifically, "He'd be better off dating a Scores stripper." Paltrow laughed and responded, "Well that was true at the time." A few years later Affleck moved on to Jennifer Lopez in 2002 and embarked on a whirlwind romance, getting engaged later that year. Quickly dubbed "Bennifer" by the media, they co-starred in Gigli and Jersey Girl before breaking up in January 2004. In Lopez's 2014 memoir, True Love, J.Lo admitted that her failed relationship with Affleck was her "first real heartbreak." WATCH: Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner Split, Announce Divorce "It felt like my heart had been torn out of my chest," she wrote. "People do lots of things to anesthetize themselves in moments like these. Some people do drugs, some drink and some go out and party." Lopez explained that her split with Affleck led her back to her own ex, Marc Anthony, with whom she has two kids. "I sought out comfort in another person, tried to find someone who could make me feel loved and wanted in my loneliest hours. And that was the moment when Marc reappeared in my life." And what about Garner? The actress met Scott Foley on the set of The WB's Felicity in 1998, before getting married in 2000 and divorcing in 2004. Foley blamed their split on Garner's then-rising stardom. "Nobody else was involved," Foley told TV Guide in 2005. "Jennifer became a huge celebrity. She became a huge star, and she deserved everything she got. There was no other relationship, there was no infidelity, nothing. People get divorced, you know? Through no one's fault and everyone's fault." PHOTOS: 17 Times Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck Were Our Relationship Goals  As for her other ex, Alias co-star Michael Vartan, who she dated in 2004, he told USA Today in 2005 that they were still close, even describing their breakup as 'benign." "We're much better off as friends," he admitted. Vartan revealed that Garner told him about her engagement to Affleck. "Jennifer and I were best friends first, during and after," he said at the time. "I'm hoping Ben will put me in one of his next movies." PHOTOS: 7 Times Ben Affleck and Jen Affleck Got Too Real About Their Marriage #ExesGoals! Check out the video below to see a married Garner flirt with an engaged Ben Affleck in 2003 in the video below.

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  • Kawhi Leonard to re-sign with Spurs for more than $90 million, per report

    Restricted free agent Kawhi Leonard has agreed in principal to a five-year maximum contract with the San Antonio Spurs that should be worth more than $90 million, according to Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports. The Spurs could've inked Leonard, the No. 2 free agent on our list, to a maximum extension last summer after he won NBA Finals MVP, but instead chose to wait in order to maintain more flexibility this offseason. There was an understanding in place between the two parties, so Leonard was always expected to return.

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    Due to a few different factors — a lack of oversight, rising debt incurred during dental school, and the rise of quota-driven corporate dental chains — there's a decent chance that you might visit a dentist who's making decisions based on profit, not the work you really need.

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  • New York mother arrested after police say she tied her son to a bush

    Police say she had no one to take care of him and did not want to bring him to the house she babysits at, so she tied him to the bush by a leash so he wouldn't run around the condo complex.

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  • Russia 'reviewing' legality of Baltic states independence

    Russia's Prosecutor General is reviewing the legality of the independence of the three Baltic countries from the Soviet Union, a spokesman said Tuesday. The move drew a furious reaction from Lithuania's President Dalia Grybauskaite, who said, "No one has the right to threaten" our independence. Two lawmakers from the majority United Russia party argued in their appeal to prosecutors that decisions by the State Council of the Soviet Union, which granted independence to Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, were illegal.

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    In making his documentary “Cartel Land,” director Matthew Heineman gained access to vigilante movements, on both sides of the U.S.-Mexican border, pushing back against the drug cartels. He interviewed victims to heinous horrors, and the operators of a Mexican meth lab. The key to gaining the trust of the subjects of his project, says Heineman, is... Read more »

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  • Oil prices drop as Greece defaults and output soars

    Oil prices fell on Wednesday after Greece became the first developed economy to default on a loan with the International Monetary Fund and as both U.S. and OPEC production hit new records. Greece's default pushed up the dollar versus the euro (EUR=) (.DXY), with the stronger greenback pressuring crude prices as it increases dollar-denominated oil import prices for countries using different currencies. Analysts said rising production from the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) as well as in the United States also weighing on prices.

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    The fast food giant serving a new menu item in some New England locations.

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    If the device is made by Apple, however, you no longer have to worry so much about this problem. Apple has just changed the wording in its warranty programs to make it easier to get your battery (or in some cases, your whole device) swapped at an Apple Store. The new AppleCare+ policy allows users to swap the batteries in their iOS devices once the capacity dips below 80 percent of its original life.

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  • It's Time for the 30-hour Week

    Don't look now, but we should soon have the 30-hour work week as the standard, instead of the 40-hour work week last enshrined during FDR's New Deal. Why, when Americans now work more hours than any other developed country?There are a number of good reasons, and they have little to do with the ACA, or Obamacare, which has decreed that 30 hours...

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  • Jake Owen Takes Fans Behind the Scenes of 'Real Life' (8 photos)

    Yahoo Music

    Jake Owen's idea of "real life" is pretty wild, as evidenced by his brand-new video for the single of the same name. In this exclusive behind-the-scenes tour, Owen reveals tidbits about the making of the fun clip, which includes cameos from his parents, twin brother (yes, girls! He has a twin!), a slew of buddies, and NASCAR star Kevin Harvick. Watch "Real Life":

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    Jake Owen Takes Fans Behind the Scenes of 'Real Life' yhoo.it/1g4apXK Mon, Jun 29
  • Apple will replace your battery once it hits 80 percent health

    Apple's recently changed the terms of its AppleCare+ extended warranty program. Now, no matter what iOS or OSX device you own (yes, even the Watch), Apple will replace the battery as soon as it hits 80 ...

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  • Comcast SportsNet Philadelphia q
  • Meet Hades, the Centipede from Hell

    Named for the mythological god of the underworld, Geophilus hadesi is a newly discovered species of centipede that inhabits the deep caves of the Velebit Mountains in Croatia. Unlike most centipedes of the order Geophilomorpha, which only occasionally seek shelter in caves, G. hadesi spends all its life in this dark, underground environment. G. hadesi is one of only two known species of centipedes that never leave their cavernous homes.

  • Former Miss USA finalist slams Donald Trump in viral Instagram post

    Things are going from bad to worse for Donald Trump - who’s received an Insta-roasting from a former Miss USA finalist. Mexican-American former Miss Colorado Marybel Gonzalez took to the picture sharing service to give the outspoken tycoon a piece of her mind. The network has also, alongside Univision, decided not to screen the Miss USA and Miss Universe pageants - of which Trump is co-owner.

  • David Sweat Claims He Practiced Escape and Was Almost Caught Twice During 3-Week Manhunt

    Escaped prisoner David Sweat told investigators he was almost discovered twice during the three weeks authorities were searching the woods of upstate New York for him and fellow inmate Richard Matt — including one time that police walked right by him as he hid in a hunting tree stand, officials said. Sweat also revealed to investigators he and Matt did a dry-run the night before their June 6 prison break, Clinton County District Attorney Andrew Wylie told ABC News today. Sweat told investigators that the first time he was almost caught, both he and Matt were hiding near a cabin when three people came to check on it, Wylie said.

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  • Jimmy Butler disinterested in signing 5-year max contract with Bulls, per report

    Chicago has offered Butler a five-year max contract, but Butler wants to take a shorter deal. Although the Bulls have offered him a five-year max contract, Jimmy Butler remains "disinclined" to sign in hopes of securing a shorter deal, according to the Chicago Tribune's K.C. Johnson. Because Butler is a restricted free agent, his options are limited. Butler, like many free agents this summer, would rather sign for one or two years with an additional player option, which offers flexibility and allows him to take advantage of next summer's rising salary cap.

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