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    Ex-U.S. cybersecurity chief Chris Krebs tells 60 Minutes how he knows the 2020 election wasn't rigged

    Christopher Krebs and his team spent years working to build the new Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) and help protect U.S. elections, among other critical infrastructure, before President Trump abruptly fired him over Twitter for putting out a joint statement calling the 2020 election the "most secure in American history." Krebs explained on Sunday's 60 Minutes why he's so sure the election was free from hacking and foreign meddling, and why Trump and his fringy lawyers are wrong to allege otherwise."I'm not a public servant anymore, but I feel I still got some public service left in me," Krebs told Scott Pelley, explaining why he's speaking out publicly. "And if I can reinforce or confirm for one person that the vote was secure, the election was secure, then I feel like I've done my job."Krebs said his biggest priority after gaming out "countless" scenarios for foreign election interference was paper ballots. "Paper ballots give you the ability to audit, to go back and check the tape and make sure you go the count right," he said. "And that's really one of the keys to success for a secure 2020 election — 95 percent of the ballots cast in the 2020 election had a paper record associated with it." You can see how that worked in the Georgia hand recount, he added.Krebs said he found the efforts from Trump and his lawyers to "undermine confidence in the election, to confuse people, to scare people" upsetting because it's actively "undermining democracy" but also because the some of the tens of thousands of election workers putting in 18-hour days are now "getting death threats for trying to carry out one of our core democratic institutions, an election."In 60 Minutes Overtime, Krebs explained why he set up the CISA "Rumor Control" site, and why he's especially proud of his explainer on the impossibility of hacking voting results.Krebs also said he isn't aware of anyone at the White House asking CISA to throw doubt on the integrity of the election, and he explained that his team frequently briefed everyone from local election officials to Cabinet agencies and the White House about CISA's efforts. "Everybody, for the most part, got it," he said."I had a job to do, we did it right, I would do it over again 1,000 times," Krebs said. "CISA did the right thing. ... State and local election officials did the right thing."More stories from theweek.com Americans are choosing death over deprivation Biden's favorability rating jumped 6 points since the election, is already higher than Trump ever hit How camp explains Trump

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    New Monolith Mysteriously Pops Up In Romania

    Officials are investigating after a similar structure vanished in Utah.

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    The Latest: Graham: Trump should attend Biden's inauguration

    Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham says he thinks President Donald Trump should attend President-elect Joe Biden’s inauguration because it would be “good for the country.” The South Carolina senator said he spoke with the president over the weekend and encouraged him to pursue his legal challenges to the election results.

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    Man stirs controversy after telling girlfriend to ‘stop’ using TikTok: ‘It’s really making my life harder’

    A man is upset at his girlfriend for posting about their relationship on TikTok. The man is deployed with the military and his girlfriend won’t stop posting about him. “I’m currently deployed and if you’re unaware TikTok has a ridiculous amount of military users,” he explained.

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    ‘They’ll freeze them out’: Democrats fear Senate Republicans will block Biden’s judges

    McConnell could stymie the president-elect's ability to get his judicial nominations confirmed.