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    Leah Remini attends Danny Masterson's arraignment on rape charges to support accusers

    The "That '70s Show" star's attorney maintained his client's innocence.

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    Will we be wearing masks forever? Here's what experts think

    New comments from several prominent public health officials suggest that mask-wearing may be here to stay.

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    Chris Wallace reveals the 'real concern' of mail-in voting

    Chris Wallace discusses Trump's chances of flipping Minnesota and weighs in on the concerns over mail-in voting

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    Tensions build as 18 Chinese fighter jets buzz Taiwan during landmark US visit

    Taiwan scrambled fighter jets on Friday after a fleet of Chinese military aircraft buzzed the island, stepping up tensions as a senior US official began holding meetings in Taipei. Beijing had earlier announced the start of combat drills in the Taiwan strait aimed at asserting its claim that the island remained "an inalienable part of China". The Chinese government has long considered Taiwan a renegade province, although the democratically-governed island has its own president, currency, foreign policy, passport and military. China has engaged in a bitter war of words and staged multiple drills around Taiwan over recent months to protest growing engagement between the self-ruled island and the US government. Stronger ties between Taiwan and the US have further weakened Washington’s diplomatic relations with Beijing, which are already at historic lows as the two nations spar over trade, technology, human rights, coronavirus and espionage.

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    The 13 Scariest TV Shows Ever Made (And Where to Stream Them)

    Watch these with the lights on.From Redbook

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    Rare conjoined twins, born locked in embrace, successfully separated in Michigan

    Sarabeth and Amelia Irwin are believed to be the first set of conjoined twins in Michigan to be successfully separated.

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    Willie Nelson Recalls Having to Admit Cheating to Wife When Mistress Had Their Baby: I 'Was Caught'

    Willie Nelson has seven children from his four marriages