• Floyd Mayweather is still pretending he doesn't know who Ronda Rousey is

    Seriously Floyd? It's time to stop this mess. You don't need to enjoy getting called out by Ronda Rousey, but playing dumb is, well, dumb. ESPECIALLY after you did the same thing last year, then got called out at the ESPYS.

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  • Stepson And His Sister Are Too Close For Wife's Comfort

    DEAR ABBY: I am happily married to a great man. I have a young daughter from a previous marriage, and my husband has two teenagers, a boy and girl, from a prior marriage. Like many blended families, we have our struggles, but one is becoming increasingly difficult to deal with.I don't know how to put this tastefully, but I'll state it this way: My stepchildren are "too close," if you know what I mean. They flirt, constantly touch each other and playfully tease each other. (A few people have even mistaken them for a couple.) My husband doesn't seem to notice this unhealthy behavior. ...

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  • Things are looking up for Samsung, thanks to the iPhone 6s

    Samsung’s profits have been shrinking recently but the company says that trend is about to end… and it’s due in no small part to the success of the iPhone 6s. The Wall Street Journal brings us word that Samsung has “estimated its third-quarter operating profit rebounded sharply from a year earlier on robust sales of chips and displays used in mobile phones and other gadgets.” While this rebound in profits is certainly welcome news for Samsung, it must be a little bittersweet given that its reversal of fortune in large part from selling components to Apple and to rival Chinese smartphone manufacturers. FROM EARLIER: Galaxy S7 might be even faster than the iPhone 6s Breaking things down a little further, analysts are

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  • Who is Jessica Mendoza? ESPN's budding baseball broadcasting star

    Former Olympian made history Tuesday as first female analyst to cover MLB playoff game

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  • Destiny's Sleeper Simulant Quest Has Arrived, And It Was Never A Mystery To Be Solved

    Breaking news in the Destiny community today. The quest to unlock the fabled Sleeper Simulant has finally been activated, but it wasn’t an intrepid community member that unlocked the secret. It was just Bungie. Players who have found Banshee’s four Fusion Rifle relics woke up today to simply find a new quest

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  • VW to angry owners: Want cash to buy another one?

    Volkswagen, reeling from its ever-widening diesel emissions scandal, has quietly begun a campaign to persuade owners to stay with the brand.

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  • Hong Kong panda Ying Ying loses cub

    Hong Kong panda Ying Ying has lost the long-awaited cub she was expecting, vets said Wednesday. It would have been the first ever giant panda born in the city. After years of trying, 10-year-old Ying Ying began to show signs of pregnancy in July and was due to give birth this week.

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  • Concerns Grow For Missing Hastings Teen Jordan Cooper

    Police are concerned about the whereabout of a teenage girl from Hastings, who went missing from her home yesterday afternoon. Jordan Cooper, 13, was meant to arrive home as agreed with her father at 5pm to their home in Malvern Way. Anyone who has seen Jordan is asked to dial 999 and ask for the police or email 101@sussex.pnn.police.uk or phone 101 and quote serial 1106 of 06/10.

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  • Hillary Clinton's support tumbles in California as Sanders surges: Field Poll

    By Dan Whitcomb LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Hillary Clinton, the front-runner for the Democratic presidential nomination, has seen a dramatic drop in support among likely California primary voters since May as rival Bernie Sanders has surged, a Field Poll released on Wednesday shows. Less than half of likely Democratic voters in the June 2016 presidential primary in California, 47 percent, now say they will vote for Clinton, whose candidacy has been damaged by a scandal over her use of a private email server while she was secretary of state, according to the survey. A Field Poll conducted in May found that 66 percent of likely primary voters supported Clinton, first lady during the administration of her husband, former President Bill Clinton, and later a U.S. senator from New York.

  • Walmart Rips Its Insurance Companies Over Tracy Morgan Crash Settlement (Updated)

    Walmart has made good with comedian Tracy Morgan over the June 2014 traffic collision involving one of its drivers that left Morgan seriously injured. Making good with its insurance companies, on the other hand, is a different matter. The retail giant has filed a lawsuit against a number of insurance companies including Liberty Insurance Underwriters, the Ohio Casualty Insurance Company and QBE Insurance Corporation, claiming that the companies haven’t paid their portion of the settlements made as a result of the crash, Courthouse News Service reports.

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  • ABC Family Is Changing Its Name to Something Even More Confusing and Stupid

    The network currently known as ABC Family will become the network known as Freeform beginning January 1, network president Tom Ascheim announced Tuesday. The name change, which coincides with the return of network staple Pretty Little Liars , is part of the network's latest rebranding effort. The network is shifting gears to focus on targeting folks it's dubbed "Becomers" a.k.a. viewers ages 14-to-34 who are experiencing a series of "firsts," as in first job, first heartbreak, first car, first really stupid network rebranding, etc. Last week, the sophomore series Chasing Life became the latest casualty of the rebranding effort, probably because there wasn't much of an audience for "first cancer diagnosis." Which is a shame, because it was a very good series. According to the network, Becomers are in high school and college and "represent a life stage rather than a generation," which sounds like something Ted Mosby would say, or something a hipster at your nearest coffee house or independent bookstore might think was really insightful but was actually just stupid. The name is supposed to signify fluidity of ideas, but to me conjures up awful open-mic nights featuring interpretive dance or a network that teaches viewers how to paint, but not in the cool Bob Ross way. Still, rebranding isn't a bad idea for the network. The name ABC Family no longer represents the network's programming interests, having simply adopted the "family" moniker when the Walt Disney Company purchased Fox Kids Worldwide, which had rebranded the channel as Fox Family from the Family Channel when it took over from the Christian-oriented CBN Family Channel in the '90s (don't worry, religious programming like The 700 Club will continue to air after the name change). The name ABC Family misrepresents the network as one for young children, which isn't the case, as anyone who's watched Pretty Little Liars or The Fosters can attest (especially considering how creepy the men of Rosewood are on a routine basis). What's most interesting about the network's name change is that according to TV Insider, the name Freeform was chosen from one of 3,000 possible contenders after being tested by a focus group of 1,200 viewers. I'm going to assume all of those viewers were drunk and/or liars, because surely there was something better than Freeform. Literally anything is better than Freeform. What do you think of the name change? Do you have any suggestions for better names?

  • MJ ‘Wonderland’ With Grotto Suite Is Up for No-Minimum Auction (33 photos)

    Primm Ranch may not have a railroad, a zoo or a Ferris wheel, but it does have a water park, an underground shooting range and an auto museum with an ionized-water car wash and gas station. Oh, and a grotto guest suite behind a waterfall. Pop icon Michael Jackson visited the the 10-acre compound in Las Vegas in 2007, and was so impressed that he declared he was going to buy it and call it “Wonderland,” the Las Vegas Sun said . He’d reportedly first wanted the nearby 73,000-square-foot mansion of the Sultan of Brunei, who wasn’t selling at the time. Well, that didn’t work out, but now it can become your own private Neverland , Wonderland, Whateverland as it goes on the auction block Saturday, October 10. And the owners are taking a big chance, because Concierge Auctions is selling it without reserve — meaning there’s no minimum bid. So although it had recently been listed at $14.5 million, the highest bidder could get it for a quarter of that price. (In fact, a doomsday scenario even worse than that happened to the Hawaiian spec mansion known as Waterfalling not long ago: Its $26.5 million list price failed to attract buyers, so the owners went to auction with no reserve … and it sold for just $5,750,000. The listing agent acknowledged that the no-reserve decision was “high risk” and “unfortunate” and said that they’d “underestimated the auction process.” The sellers were said to be “very disappointed with the results.” ) Of course, it’s an auction, so the property could also go for more than it was listed for. It certainly seems to have all the features that a King of Pop, or any millionaire with a sense of whimsy, could want. Located in the same Las Vegas celebrity neighborhood as Wayne Newton’s newly opened museum of himself , it has some pretty prominent fanciful features, including but not limited to: A dancing water fountain, along the lines of those at the Bellagio, which greet you when you drive through the main gates and up to the mansion. A water park of a giant pool, with slides, caves, chutes, waterfalls, a spa, diving cliffs, a rock bridge, and an elephant statue spouting water from its trunk. A 1,000-square-foot grotto suite behind a waterfall, with a bedroom, bathroom, kitchenette and bar — making for one of the most unusual guest rooms in Las Vegas, and that’s really saying something. Jackson’s real estate agent described it as “something very much out of ‘The Flintstones.’” An automated golf driving range, fenced and lighted, with three separate teeing spaces. A casino with a full-size bar, fireplace, pool table and lounging area. A three-screen theater with seating for 16, plus a purified air system to clean out the smell when cigar aficionados light up. A beauty salon just off the kitchen, and a barber shop chair in “His” bathroom in the upstairs master suite. A resort-style spa with a steam room and sauna. An underground, soundproofed shooting range (could easily be converted to a music studio). A 20-car auto showroom with a deionized-water car wash, power lifts for on-site vehicle maintenance, and two gas stations with diesel and unleaded fuel. A “doggie villa,” once used for prize Rottweilers.   World-class equestrian facilities that include stables with indoor and outdoor stalls and a two-stall horse wash bay. Also, pastures; a 100-by-200-foot arena; a 100-square-foot round pen; and a 500-square-foot trainer’s quarters with a bath and a half. And those elements don’t even include the security features, which are off the charts: Secret tunnels and doors, some of which blend into the walls and cabinets to fool anyone who might be chasing a resident. Bulletproof doors, of course. A panic room with its own oxygen supply, and a buried phone line so the wires can’t be cut. When you’ve amassed a fortune like the Primm family’s, you can’t be too careful. The Primms are prominent in the casino, hospitality and entertainment industries, and if you’ve ever driven between Los Angeles and Las Vegas, the name “Primm” is probably sounding familiar to you right now. That’s because the area known as Primm sits right on the California/Nevada border along Interstate 10. There are three hotels with casinos, including Whiskey Pete’s and Buffalo Bill’s, a big roller coaster, restaurants, gas stations, an outlet mall—you get the picture. Everything for the traveler who either can’t wait to get to Vegas, or wants to get a little more fun in before leaving the state. It’s likely that more gold has been mined from this resort than from any Nevada claim, and the Primms had reason to be concerned about security when they finished their compound in 1995: Casino owner Steve Wynn’s daughter had been kidnapped the year before. You can see why the property would have been so appealing to Jackson. He reportedly told real estate agent Zar Zanganeh that he planned to offer $16.5 million for the estate after he returned from his London concert tour, where he planned to make enough money to put his troubled finances in order. But Jackson died not long afterward, in June 2009. So now the 12-bedroom, 19-bath property is up for auction. It actually comprises two parcels, available for subdivision, with 21,000 square feet of living space spread across several buildings, including a 3,000-square-foot guest villa and 1,500-square-foot staff quarters. The property has two wells and water rights. Now that their children are grown and gone, Gary Primm and his wife find the property a little expansive for their needs. “My family and I spared no expense when it came to building this home exactly the way we wanted, which I love, and always will,” Primm said in a news release. “But now that my children are older, I’m motivated to sell. I’m looking forward to shaking the hand of the new owner on auction day.” If you’re interested in making a bid on the property or want to know more about it, contact Concierge Auctions . We’ll keep you posted on the auction results. And if nothing but Neverland will do, well, Jackson’s former Neverland Ranch just so happens to be for sale, too , now bearing the name Sycamore Valley Ranch and asking $100 million. Love an outrageous home? We do, too! Come gawk with us: • Secrets of L.A.’s 5-Stories-Underground, $53M Mansion (30 photos) • Only in Malibu: A $6M, 80-Acre Animal Rescue Ranch (20 photos) • Jet Wing Appears to Crown This Dirt-Walled Desert Oasis (39 photos)

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  • Watch What Could Well Be The World's Worst Traffic Jam

    Several hundred million people are believed to have taken to the roads during the “Golden Week” celebrations. The route serves as the main route for cross-country travellers in the populous eastern part of China, where most of the country’s population resides. China’s National Tourism Administration confirmed this year’s Golden Week tourism figures showed an incredible 6.1% year-on-year increase.

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  • Doomsday revision predicts we won't make it to Thursday

    The world was supposed to end in May 2011, according to one prophecy, unless that was really just the beginning of the end, in which case the end of the end is set for Wednesday.

  • Dillon Gee leaves Mets, becomes a free agent

    He made $5.3 million this season and won zero games for the Mets.

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  • Ask Brianna: I Keep Getting Job Interviews, But Never the Offer. What Am I Doing Wrong?

    Welcome to “Ask Brianna,” a Q&A column that helps 20-somethings prepare for the job search, handle money and manage student loans. Every other Wednesday, a new “Ask Brianna” will address these…

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  • Tom Hanks finds Fordham student's ID in New York City park, tracks down 'Lauren'

    Actor Tom Hanks found a student's identification card at a park in New York City, and took to social media to find its owner.

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