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    Yahoo Sports

    Syracuse QB inexplicably spikes ball on fourth-and-goal to lose game (Video)

    A really bad season for Syracuse just got worse. 

  • Politics

    Jake Tapper Hits Donald Trump With A Blunt Reminder After President’s Rant At Reporter

    The CNN anchor's response to the president's Thanksgiving press conference has gone viral.

  • U.S.

    California Man Waits 36 Hours in Line to Purchase PlayStation 5 on Black Friday

    A man waited for 36 hours to purchase a PlayStation 5 at a GameStop for Black Friday. The console has been wildly popular to the point of being sold out.

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    Canada blocks bulk exports of some prescription drugs in response to Trump import plan

    Canada on Saturday blocked bulk exports of prescription drugs if they would create a shortage at home, in response to outgoing U.S. President Donald Trump's efforts to allow imports from Canada to lower some drug prices for Americans. "Certain drugs intended for the Canadian market are prohibited from being distributed for consumption outside of Canada if that sale would cause or worsen a drug shortage," Health Minister Patty Hajdu said in a statement. The Canadian measure went into effect on Friday, just days before a U.S. "Importation Prescription Drugs" rule that would eventually allow licensed U.S. pharmacists or wholesalers to import in bulk certain prescription drugs intended for the Canadian market.

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    Associated Press

    Tony Hsieh, retired Zappos CEO, dies at 46

    Tony Hsieh, the retired CEO of Las Vegas-based online shoe retailer Zappos.com who spent years working to transform the city's downtown area, has died. Hsieh was with family when he died Friday, according to a statement from DTP Companies, which he founded. Downtown Partnership spokesperson Megan Fazio said Hsieh passed away in Connecticut, KLAS-TV reported.

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    The Telegraph

    Spike in F grades across the US as online learning gap emerges amid pandemic school closures

    America's great experiment in "remote learning" during the pandemic has proved disastrous for many children as the first figures from one of its largest school districts showed an explosion in failing grades, and a widening gulf between thriving and struggling pupils. Unlike in the UK, thousands of schools across the United States have still not reopened, having been closed since March. Children from age five up are instead being taught on computer screens at home. Many will end up missing an entire academic year of in-person schooling. An internal report from Fairfax County Public Schools in Virginia, just outside Washington DC, which has 188,000 pupils, was released this week following a Freedom of Information request by a local parent. It confirmed what many families around the country had feared for months. Among children aged 11 to 18 there was an 83 per cent jump in those with two or more 'F' grades, in the first quarter of the 2020-21 academic year, which has just ended. The younger the age group the worse it was. For those aged 11 to 13 the increase was 300 per cent. Among girls in that age group it was 600 per cent. For children with special needs the jump in failing grades was 111 per cent. And for those with English as a second language, it was 106 per cent.

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    Scary Mommy

    The Day I Realized I Wasn’t My Husband’s Wife Anymore

    That quintessential part of a marriage was gone. We were not weathering the storm together. He was living the storm and I was standing by.